Kathina Ceremony – 2018 (Nov. 17th & 18th)

Dear Dhamma Friends,
We warmly invite all our Dhamma friends and devotees to participate at the Annual Kathina Ceremony on November 17thand 18th, 2018 at the Dharmapala Institute and share the merits with your family and friends.
The Kathina Ceremony symbolizes the end of the rains retreat or the ‘Vassa’. Kathina celebration marks the time to move on and the festival also acclaims the offerings of the ‘Kathina Robe’, which is given to the monks by the lay people. The Kathina, represents cultivation of generosity, the first of the Ten Paramis otherwise known as the Ten Perfections. It’s a tradition that encourages the act of charity, and permits the display of selflessness.
This year Indika and Ayesha Gamage and family, with the participation of the devotees and friends, will bestow the Kathina robe to the Maha Sangha. The ceremony starts on Saturday November 17th, followed by the Kathina offering on Sunday November 18th. Sulochana and Dayavi Wijetunga family and Friends are offering the breakfast-meal-dana on the morning of November 18th
We invite everyone to participate in customary offering of items necessary for maintenance and upkeep of the temple, including monitory donations under the ‘Kap-Ruka’. Please find the Kathina donation form attached herewith.
If you wish to donate Kathina-robes or wish to signup for the lunch-meal-offerings for the Kathina offering day on November 18th, please use the Google link below. 
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Saturday, November 17th
06.30 PM      Buddha puja 
07.00 PM      Dhamma talk 
08.00 PM      Pirith chanting
08.30 PM      Refreshments
Sunday, November 18th
07.00 AM      Breakfast
10.00 AM      Preparing for Kathina parade
10.30 AM      Kathina parade & Kathina offering
11.00 AM      Buddha puja & lunch meal offerings
12.00 PM      Punyanumodana 
01.00 PM      Lunch for participants
02.00 PM      Cleaning
With Metta,
The Organizing Committee
Dharmapala Institute
409 S Temple Drive 
Milpitas CA 95035
(408) 934-3985

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