Dharmapala Institute – Annual program and Events 2024 Announcement !!!

Dear Dhamma Friends, 

We are pleased to share the Dharmapala Institute Annual Program of events for the year 2024 herewith. Also attached are the Program for Uposatha Sundays (monthly) and Sunday-Afternoon Dhamma Talks (weekly). The events which are still open for sponsors are marked in the attached documents. Please email us at temple@buddhistvihara.net or call us at the below number if you would like to sponsor any of the events.  

We are also pleased to inform that we are restarting the Dhamma School for Children. Dhamma School will be held on every second Sunday of the month, from 3.00 to 4.00 PM and the first day of the Dhamma Scholl will be 14th of January 2024. We encourage children of the age range 7-14 to attend dhamma school and on 14th we invite the parents to join us for a session (from 3-4 PM) to have a friendly discussion about the opportunities for volunteering and consider bringing children less than 7 years of age. 

Uposatha Sundays:  

Uposatha Observance days are day-long programs from 8.30 AM-3.30 PM, committed to renew dedication to Dhamma practice. Lay people may observe the Eight Precepts on Uposatha days and intensify the practice and deepen the knowledge of Dhamma. For those who find it less flexible to participate in the full-day program, we encourage the use of this opportunity to visit the temple, attend to Dhamma talks, and to join the meditation sessions, as your time permits. 

Sunday afternoon Dhamma talks 

Alternating with the Uposatha Sundays we will also have an evening Dhamma talk every week. These will be held from 6.30 – 7.30 PM in the evening. These events will be in hybrid mode and you may take part via Dharmapala Institute Dhamma Zoom.  

The first Sunday afternoon Dhamma Talk will be held on Sunday January 7th at 6.30 PM and will be conducted by Ven Weragoda Sujatha thero. 

Topic: ප්‍රීතිමත් ජීවිතය 

With Metta, 

The Organizing Committee

Dharmapala Institute
409 S Temple Drive
Milpitas CA 95035
(408) 934-3985


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