Sunday Dhamma School

We are also pleased to inform that we are restarting the Dhamma School for Children. Dhamma School will be held on every second Sunday of the month, from 3.00 to 4.00 PM and the first day of the Dhamma Scholl will be 14th of January 2024. We encourage children of the age range 7-14 to attend dhamma school and on 14th we invite the parents to join us for a session (from 3-4 PM) to have a friendly discussion about the opportunities for volunteering and consider bringing children less than 7 years of age. 

1. The Buddha
o To introduce students to the life story of the Buddha to inspire them to follow his teachings
and his life an example.
2. What the Buddha taught
o To help students realize that the Dhamma is a truly unique gift, conducive to personal and collective peace and happiness.
o To inspire students to want to find out more about the Dhamma and its philosophical bases.
o To encourage students to practice moral teachings in Buddhism for their own sake and desire a better world.
3. Buddhist stories
o To the moral teachings of Buddhism via Jataka stories

Recommended books

The following text book material will be used for the course. Please find the PDF copies of all the books in our Dhamma School web-page :

Dhamma School Materials

Additional Reading  Materials/Resources


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